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Kind of Pets – Guide to Choose the Right One

Who doesn’t love pets? Pets are house-trained domestic animals that are in homes to make them perform our various tasks and also, they are tamed to provide security. Pets are defined by their relevant and applicable characters, cleverness, and pretty looks. People used to keep different pets at their homes not only because of their interests but also because of different purposes performed by various pets.

Undoubtedly it is sensible to presume that cats and dogs are the commonest USA pets. They are innumerable and they are seamlessly captivating. Below are enlisted the most popular pets in the USA besides cats and dogs, and they are also surprisingly legal to own at homes. So being a pet fanatic, why not jump straight into what you came for. Shall we commence? 

different pets








Guinea pig

Small animals





Pet Monkey


It is still believed that dogs are man’s best friend. They are not only famous for their sincerity and loyalty but are also tamed to provide security. People use to keep them at their homes to get tightened security and protection through dogs. They are several dog breeds in the USA. 

For Example: 

• Alaskan Husky

• American Bulldog

• German Shepherd dog

• Golden Retriever

• Beagle 

Dogs have a life expectancy of about 10 to 13 years. They are very much attached to humans because they are usually house trained and tamed. Besides this, some kinds of dogs are also very good looking and captivating the attention of visitors. People use to take pictures with their pet dogs to enhance their importance.

girl with dog

2. Cats:

Cats are another famous pet not only in the USA but also all over the world. They are pretty good enough to catch the attention, love, and affection of others. 

In regards to a 2017 survey calculation, there were about 95.6 Million existential cats who were staying in USA households. This shows the rate at which USA citizens are cat fanatics… 

There are many different types of cats as a pet. Some of them are enlisted below:

• The Exotic

• The Ragdoll

• The Persian

• The Maine Coon

• The American Shorthair

• The Scottish Fold

In addition,  cats have a long life expectancy. Their average span is 15 years which is more compared to the life expectancy of dogs.  

3. Fish

Fish are popular. Understandably they top third in USA’s trendy pet chart. They are about 14% of American households who possess a school of fish or an aquarium. Fish complement your home décor. Fish are kept as a pet to enhance the beauty of homes as they are very colorful, beautiful, and gorgeous.

Obliviously some breeds are populous compared to others.  Although saltwater fish seem less common compared to freshwater, they are still used to beautify homes. 

Fish have a life expectancy of 3 to 7 years.

There are many stunning kinds of fish that we can keep at our homes as a pet. For example:

• Betta fish

• Gold Fish

• Angel Fish

• Cat Fish

• Guppies

• Mollies

• Neon Tetras

• Platies

• Star Fish

These are some fish types that you can keep as pets to interpolate beauty to your home. 

4. Rabbits:

Rabbits also are not left behind. They too top the pets list. Duh, they are cute right? Second, to fish, these cute rabbits are a favorite to most American households.  

Domestic rabbits are shy and gentle animals, and they deserve a life free from violence and cruelty.

There are various types of rabbits which we can keep at our homes as a pet. They are:

brer rabbit






They might be shy but you won’t believe how intelligent they can be. We can keep them in our homes for a long time because they are expected to have a lifespan of 8 to 12 years. However, the world record for the longest-lived rabbit is 18 years.

5. Birds:

Birds are another famous pet of many Americans and are popular for a few reasons. It is found that most Americans love to keep different birds at their homes as a pet because they found this as fun to watch them and play with them. Birds are full of personality and also very easy to handle.

Parrots are the most popular breeds amongst American owners because they are not only catchy enough, but people also like to talk to them.

We can keep different types of birds as a pet in our homes. For example:

• Quaker Parrots

• Finches

• Budgerigars

• African grey parrots

• Australian parrots

• Caiques

• Conures

• pigeons 

• Cockatiel

• lovebird

• Monk Parakeet

• Dove 

Pet birds can live for a long time to roundabout 20 years. It depends on their care and health. However, birds have an average lifespan of about 8 to 12 years. 

6. Guinea pig:

In the list of most popular pets in the USA, Guinea pigs must be mentioned because they’re lovable too.  

Similar to hamsters, guinea pigs’ effortless accessibility and small size render them amongst the cool pick pets. Americans love to keep Guinea pig at their homes as a pet because of various reasons. According to Americans, Guinea pigs can enhance the beauty of their gardens, and also, they can have a great time with them.

 There are many breeds of Guinea pig to be kept at our homes. They are:

• Silkie

• Texel

• Peruvian

• Coronet

• Merino

These are some names of pet Guinea pigs and also perfect pets. In the USA, people love to spend most of their time with guinea pigs. Moreover, these pets can live for about seven years because their average lifespan is approximately 5 to 7 years.

7. Small Animals:

In the USA, people tend to keep different small animals at their homes for various purposes like enhancing the beauty of their homes, having fun with them, and also getting benefitted from them. Some small animals like hamsters, poultry, Ferrets, turtles, etc. are perfect pets for Americans. Hamsters are, however, a huge hit. While Ferrets are also very pretty popular.

Americans use to keep them in different shelters in gardens and get benefitted from them in various ways.

8. Reptiles:

Reptiles are also the best pets for Americans. They are growing in popularity as pets. They are also legal to keep them at homes in the USA. Millennials particularly adore reptiles.  About Almost 5% of all pet possessors keep reptiles. Reptile possessors purport that they are awesome to have a conversation about.  Reptiles generally are inclusive of

• Lizards

• Turtles

• Snakes

• Crocodilians

• Tortoises

Reptiles have the most extended lifespan as compared to other pets. We can keep reptiles in our homes for almost 25 to 50 years. To keep them at home, Americans give reptiles home training first and make them domestic and tamed so that they may not harm them.

9. Horses and Tigers:

The former aren’t common because they are pricey. Nonetheless, they are the favorite pets of Americans. Similarly, tigers are also popular pets of many people in the US. 

The majority of tigers live as pets, not in the wild. Owning a pet tiger may sound thrilling as caring for it can be a severe challenge. Nonetheless, different studies depict that tigers can peacefully coexist with people if they are well trained at homes. The lifespan of horses and tigers is about 25 to 30 years and 15 to 20 years, respectively.

10. Pet Monkey:

Owning a pet monkey is like raising a toddler for 40 years. As monkeys are cute and adorable and, in some ways, remind us of tiny humans. They are also part of the reason that they’re such a handful to raise as pets. Indeed, Monkeys require constant care and attention, and many will live up to 40 years. People of the USA love to keep monkeys at their homes as a pet to have great fun with them. 

child with a dog


Pets are lovely creatures to own, but at the same time, they require much attention. The ownership of a pet is both rewarding and a great responsibility.

The most common factors to consider before becoming a pet owner are:

Commitment – having a pet in your house requires one to be committed highly to it. Dogs and cats, the most common pets, have a lifespan of over ten years, meaning that this would be a long term commitment. If you feel you cannot devote your time, do not buy a pet only to make I suffer.

Affordability – owning a pet should be considered only once one is financially stable. Pets have an assurance of added costs due to cost, treatment, and toys.

Your lifestyle – depending on your working hours, your social life, and if you engage yourself in traveling randomly, this might not be the best decision to make. A pet requires one who is always present even for bonding purposes.

Consider allergies – when choosing a pet, ensure that none of your family members is allergic to their presence in the house. If you’re not sure about the allergies, do research, and get your children to spend time with pets even though they belong to the neighbor.

Have a veterinary – this would be essential as they would be the first to alert in case something is not right with your pet.

waterfall pet girl

Frequently Asked Questions on Pets

There are approximately 1.5 million types of pets in the world.

Unusual pets are rare pets that people use to keep them at their homes, but they are generally thought of as wild animals.

Freshwater fish are the number 1 pet in American. People generally keep them in aquariums at their homes.

Hamsters are the friendliest small pet that people tend to keep them in their homes.

Dalmatian is a well-known pet famous for its least smell.

Norwegian Lundehund is the rarest dog on Earth.

Dogs are the best pet in the world.

Dog, cat, fish, pet monkey, rabbit are some of the cool pets.


From the above discussion, we came to know that pets are family members to many people in the USA. Pets can be a significant point for decorating your homes and also having fun with them. You can considerably spend your time by keeping different pets at home. They are helping people in many ways and provide sturdy support too. So, you must have at least one pet at your home to make your life colorful. With that, it is with due hope that you have enjoyed the guide.

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