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About us

We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. It's time to create a new feeling.

Petsnia is a reliable online retail pet store founded by a dedicated pet enthusiast. The main aim behind the establishment of the site is to provide a long-lasting solution to a problem synonymous with numerous pet-friendly households in the US. As much as folks adore their dogs and cats, procuring quality pet food and other necessities in a timely fashion can be a pain in the neck.  That is where we come in. 

At Petsnia, we make your work easier by bringing premium pet supplies to your doorstep courtesy of ultra-convenient online shopping. We are committed to offering a wide range of products including pet foods, toys, equipment, and other products. That is not all; we stock products from numerous leading brands to ensure none of our customers is left out. 

Our Values and Principles

  1. Above anything else, we are passionate about pets and their owners.  Petsnia is borne out of the need to come with a solution and love for animals. We have evolved from an ambitious idea and matured into one the most sought after online pet stores in the US.  For that, we strive to foster the incredible bond pet owners have with their animals through a simple, stress-free shopping experience.
  1. Customers are our top priority. One thing that stands out about Petsnia is fair pricing. We keep our prices as fair as possible unlike the outrageous prices other pet retailers or supermarkets have to offer. To save time, our IT experts have worked hard to keep the site user-friendly.  Likewise, we do not tolerate low quality or counterfeit products.
about us

All our merchandise is legitimate and top of the range. The last thing we want is to jeopardize a customer’s trust.  We can all agree with the fact that pets are enriching our lives. Taking great care of them is the least we can do and quality supplies are a crucial part of that. We treasure every opportunity to be a part of your pet’s health, well being, and happiness. 

about us
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Why Should You Trust Us

Hassle-free shopping Experience

We are all about providing a superior experience for all our clients. From stocking your pet’s favorite foods to having them delivered at your doorstep, Petsnia is the ideal online shop to turn to.  Moreover, our website is easy to use saving a shopper’s time and energy. Every product is displayed in a big clear image with a detailed description as well as a price tag. Other than that, the website is customized for all devices meaning you can do your shopping from anywhere. Still, the website is available in English or German languages. 

Multiple payment methods

Petsnia gives buyers a wide range of options not only in terms of products offered but also with regard to the mode of payment.  Our website features multiple payment methods including PayPal, Visa, Maestro, American Express, and MasterCard. Thus, you do not have to worry about currency. Just sit, chill, and shop.

Unmatched customer service

The manner in which we handle our customers is impeccable. All shoppers that come to our site are accorded the attention they deserve. Be it an inquiry or a complaint, our friendly customer service team is always on standby to serve you in the best way possible. You can talk directly to them through a call or email your query where prompt response is guaranteed.

In time delivery

At Petsnia, we believe the time is money. We take a lot of pride in making timely deliveries, dispatching orders within the shortest duration. Our courier team is well coordinated to ensure deliveries are made in 24-48 hours. In a similar fashion, if your order fails to arrive in time they will be readily available to resolve the matter smoothly.

Quality pet products

As mentioned earlier, the well being of your pet matters a lot and is in fact Petsnia’s bedrock. Consequently, we stock nothing but top of the range of pet products obtained directly from reputable brands. Therefore, you can bid goodbye to imitations or low-quality supplies when you shop with us.

Reasonable prices

Exorbitant pricing is not our thing. We believe in fair pricing. Our competitive prices will make you realize what you have been missing. At the end of the day, it is always a win-win for our customers and us. We get our fair cut while you earn good value for your money and save a little extra. 

A wide selection of products

We offer a wide collection of products, supplies, and accessories for your dog, cat or other small pets. The chances of missing your beloved brand on Petsnia are very slim. We sort out all our buyers by stocking unique products from over 100 trusted brands. 

Great return policy

Our goal is to offer an exceptional shopping experience alongside astounding value to our revered buyers. That is why we have a great return policy for any commodity that may be faulty or if you need to change a product. Nonetheless, we work hard to ensure nothing goes south and that customers get exactly what they purchase. Nothing less. 


We care

In addition to bringing you high-end products for your pet, we have more in store for you. Knowledge is power, which is why we have a blog specifically committed to relaying vital tips and guides related to pets. Make sure to check it out as well. 

All these are solid reasons to switch to Petsnia if you haven’t already. We will not fall short of your expectations. Shop with us today for the experience next to none!

We welcome your suggestions or feedback. You can reach out for advice or consultation through our CONTACT US page.  Additionally, remember to follow us on our social media handles and check our regularly updated blog for any news or updates


Our incredible team are here for you


Ellen White

Ellen is a mother of two other than being Petsnia’s C.E.O. Alongside that, she is a certified vet, a profession she has been practicing for twelve years now. Her love for pets has grown over the years, which is one of the reasons she chose to collaborate with Dane and Brady for Petsnia.


Dane Russel

Dane is the brainchild behind Petsnia. Despite his young age, he is an experienced web designer with a strong passion for pets. He owns two German shepherds with which he enjoys passing time when he is off work. Finally, he spends his spare time writing and sharing information, advice, or trends relating to pets.


Brandy O Wise

Brady is a seasoned pet trainer based in California. Besides, she is one of the founders of Petsnia and frequent contributor to the site. She is from Southern California where she lives with her husband. Apart from her love for animals, she is an outgoing person. She enjoys swimming, hiking, and partying.

I’m so happy with the service from Petsnia – my order was delivered within 48 hours and the thought and care they put into their products really stands out. Plus, their support is just awesome!
Sean Walsh
London, UK
I bought a cool pet pad from you guys and my puppy really loves it. Its a great invention and probably I shall buy from you again. Very good on delivery. Will purchase it again as a gift and for myself!
Astrid Sorensen
Oslo, Norway

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