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Benefits of Having a Dog

What are the Benefits of Having a Dog

Dogs tend to have a unique relationship with humans. They have been known to be a man’s best friend. Whether you consider yourself to be a dog person or not, it is essential to consider getting yourself a dog for a pet. Getting a dog should not necessarily be for security purposes but for other benefits that a dog can offer its owners, as discussed.

1. It helps you engage in physical exercises

Dog walks are crucial for every dog. The walks bring about beneficial factors to its owner such as:

⦁ Help improve their cardiovascular fitness.
⦁ The walks lower blood pressure.
⦁ It helps the owner develop stronger bones and muscles.
⦁ It helps in losing weight.

The walks are also crucial to the dogs as dogs also tend to get obese if they are constantly receiving dog treats with no set time for walks. When selecting a dog, understand the type of breed you get to buy since some dogs require vigorous exercise than others. If you settle for the one that needs more training, then this will be an encouragement for you to begin working out not only to boost your dogs’ health but this will help you stay fit.

2. Helps identify illness

After undergoing training in medical camps, various dogs can detect illnesses among their owners, and sometimes they end up helping their owners detect and seek medical help before their illnesses advance.

⦁ Some dogs have been professionally trained to sniff out kidney, skin, bladder, and prostate cancer.

⦁ Alzheimer’s patients who own such dogs are soothed by their dogs, whose companionship helps mitigate their emotional flare-ups.

⦁ Service dogs are known to be of benefit to their owners who suffer from traumatic brain injury by; providing comfort. Help ease feelings of loneliness. The dogs give their traumatized owners a sense of purpose. They help them relearn communication.

⦁ Lupus patients: Trained dogs can provide psychiatric or mobility assistance among patients with lupus, an autoimmune disease. Most patients who have lupus tend to suffer from anxiety attacks on several occasions. The service dogs help in detecting such moments and can offer support and companionship to their owners.

⦁ OCD: For a dog owner suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), a trained canine can help prevent destructive activities such as picking at their skin or pulling out their hair. A trained dog recognizes harmful acts and tends to do something to distract its owner from destructive behaviors.

⦁ Aids in addiction recovery: when a patient is struggling to recover from drug addiction, gifting them a service dog is highly beneficial to them as it: Helps provide a healthy outlet for the patients’ feelings of depression or anxiety. It restores the recovering addict’s self-worth and self-confidence.

3. It makes one more social

Dog owners tend to be more social as dogs always attract the attention of passers-by. Most humans are always awed by the sight of a dog. Research has proven that most, if not all, strangers always want to get close to the dog and talk to their owners to spend time with the dog. This factor as a dog owner will help you create a circle of friends. Some dogs have formed a friendship bond among other dog owners because they either bonded and became friends or became lovers and brought about puppies into their owners’ lives. In various parks, some areas are reserved for dogs only, so when owners take their dogs to those areas, they get to meet and form social relations that last longer.

4. Helps fight homesickness

Individuals who live far away from home or have decided to move to a different country are encouraged to get a pet, preferably a dog. This is because research has proved owning a dog helps reduce the levels of homesickness.

5. Provides safety

Dogs have been trained to note and detect any person who is not a member of their owner’s family, and thus they tend to chase away thieves. Owning these breeds of fierce dogs will provide a sense of security to you and your family.

6. Boosts owners mental health

Owning a dog helps us as humans have a better mental health state as the dogs help us in;

⦁ Reducing stress: Interacting with a dog helps change the levels of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol in our blood. These neurotransmitters help in reducing stress. So interacting with dogs frequently helps us produce more of these neurotransmitters.

⦁ Increases empathy among their owners.

⦁ Boost self-confidence.

⦁ Help recover from crises such as PTSD.

⦁ Since they offer a great listening ear, owners battling undiagnosed mental conditions feel wanted when their dogs listen to them.

7. Dogs make you happy

As a dog owner, looking straight into a dog’s eyes leads to the production of oxytocin that is a happiness hormone. They cause relaxation to depressed people and help them heal quickly.

8. It makes you feel attractive

As a single person looking for love, taking a snap with your dog helps you appear attractive. Post the photo on your social media handles and on your dating app page to help you attract suitors. Studies prove that most suitors, as they swipe through dating apps, will always stop at the site of a mate with a dog in their pictures than the one with a plain view.

9. Dogs add meaning to our lives.

As you grow old, and especially once you retire, finding meaning in life after that is quite challenging for some older people. However, owning a dog helps because they sometimes force people to continue doing things and activities such as daily walks and park moments. For young people battling depression, owning a dog helps them find a purpose for lining as they offer comfort during such times.

10. Dogs serve their purposes among children

⦁ Children who own dogs have a healthy immune system that helps them live better and spend less time going for medical checkups and healing from diseases. Studies prove that dog owners tend to visit the doctors less compared to non-dog owners.

⦁ Children who have dogs as pets always spend less time staying away from school due to illnesses.

⦁ Dogs provide children with a sense of emotional wellbeing due to the unconditional love they offer to their owners, which is why they’re are considered the best companion for kids who do not have siblings or other young friends to socialize with.

⦁ Owning a dog as a child helps them recover from personal trauma, such as grief or loss of their parents or close family members.
Importance and advantages of owning a dog

1. Dogs offer great company as they are fun to be with. It’s always a great time when a dog is present.

2. Dogs are not only classified as great pets but as man’s best friend. Studies have been done, and they show that dogs help their owners fight depression, loneliness, help boost their owners’ self-esteem and boost their physical health.

3. Dogs make great family members. Whether the owners decide to expand their families or not, having a dog will always feel like having a kid around.

4. Dogs offer protection in their homes. Though your dog is not classified among the aggressive breeds, when it barks, it helps keep thieves and home invaders away from your compound.

5. Dogs are stated to be loyal creatures. They will walk for miles to get their owners and offer protection to their owners around large crowds.

6. Dogs will help you get exercise twice or thrice a day depending on the breed. Through these vigorous exercises, one can lose weight.

7. Dogs help their owners learn more about patience and thus develop impactful virtues that help them in their daily lives.


What are the good reasons to get a dog?

⦁ Dogs are good mood boosters as they aid in the production of oxytocin.

⦁ Dogs help increase social interaction among their owners and strangers

⦁ They are stated to be a mans greatest friend

⦁ They offer great security

⦁ Help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

How do dogs help humans?

⦁ They help reduce stress among their owners.

⦁ They protect kids from allergies and skin illnesses

⦁ Offer the best companionship

⦁ They improve their owners physical well being

What are the five facts about dogs?

⦁ Dogs can sniff and breathe at the same time.

⦁ Dogs are as intelligent as a two-year-old child.

⦁ Dogs can sniff medical problems if well trained.

⦁ A study reveals that dogs do get jealous when they see their owners cuddling other humans.

⦁ Their wet noses help them absorb scent chemicals
What are the five benefits of owning a dog?

⦁ Dogs help reduce loneliness.

⦁ They help identify illnesses and battle some.

⦁ They help increase social interactions.

⦁ They provide a sense of security to their owners

⦁ They help in losing weight.

Final Verdict

Owning a dog offers all the listed benefits to their owners and even much more. However, dogs also can have negative impacts on their owners’ lives as they have been known to cause significant falls and even accidents. It is vital to have a dog house around your homestead for safety purposes.


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