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Got any burning tips, hot topics, or useful insights related to pet parenting? Are you looking to share your skills with a large active audience? If you can write in a personal, casual but knowledgeable style, we will be more than glad to have you on board as a guest blogger. is an online store that sells pet food and other accessories. We run a blog that is regularly updated with pet information, buying tips, and detailed reviews to engage our customers besides impacting their decisions in this area positively.

Our content targets both first-time and experienced pet owners sourcing food, toys, accessories, and other essentials. Apart from that, we boast of hundreds of impressions and clicks per month. This goes on to show you the size of the audience that will be at your disposal for working with us.   

Your Reward

As of now, we do not offer any compensation for guest posts. However, that does not imply that you will walk away empty-handed. It is a worthwhile collaboration. There is a lot in store for you as a guest blogger on our site. A well-written article will easily open you up to a bigger audience of more than 10,000 monthly visitors on our site and put your name/ brand out there.

Similarly, it exposes you to countless marketing opportunities that are vital in inviting more traffic to your blog. Guest blogging is also another way to network, interact, and learn from pioneers that have been around the writing business for a while. All these benefits will come in handy in your journey as an aspiring content writer.

What We Publish

Actionable Tips

Our readers are ever on the lookout for practical tips that they can utilize in their buying decisions or pet parenting life. You need to make your article comprehensive through the use of research and theory to back up your claims. Remember to add links to dependable sources to support your arguments.


Any topic you choose to write about should be tackled in a conclusive manner touching on every possible aspect\. We are always focused on ensuring that our clients do not go anywhere else for information. Our editors will be happy to publish an in-depth and widely-researched article.

A logical structure

Excellent articles depict a smooth flow of thoughts and are effortless to follow. With that in mind, be keen about the structure taking your time to detail the conclusion, body, and introduction in a flawless manner. To add to that, ensure that every detail you add to your content has some contribution towards answering the question defined by your topic.

Accurate Grammar

Accurate, error-free grammar is imperative for any article to merit publishing. You are expected to proofread and make necessary edits to your work before sharing it with our editors. Still, you can use different grammar checkers like Grammarly to eliminate any grammatical and spelling errors before submitting.

Readable Format

All the content on our site is mindfully tailored to be reader-friendly. This is achieved through the utilization of images, bullet lists, short paragraphs, clear headlines, and sub-headlines among others. These attributes go on to highlight key takeaways in your content for anyone that scans through it.

Actual-Life Examples

We accept personal examples and experiences to make the content relatable to our consumers. Your experience is an exceptional standpoint adding weight to what you put down.

Original Content only publishes fresh content that has not been published on other sites. Duplicate articles discredit the integrity of the information we offer to our readers. It can also lead to plagiarism-related problems that are bad for business. What is bad for us is bad for you as well.

Our Ideal Guest Writer

We expect nothing but the best from you as a guest blogger, that is if you are serious about getting published on our site. There are several requirements that your content ought to meet:

1. Focus on telling a story

As you might notice, writes to entertain and inform pet lovers, thus you should churn your articles in a way that will deliver our interests. Make sure your post is relevant and interesting.

2. Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarized articles will not be accepted on our site. We accept original work that has been cited accordingly to avoid attracting unnecessary penalties or copyright infringement. Use plagiarism checkers to abide by this requirement. 

3. Avoid abusive content

Our blog is read by people from different cultures and walks of life all over the world although we target the American audience. Therefore, your piece ought to be inclusive while steering free of offensive, insensitive or racial remarks.

4. Conduct extensive research

Our platform thrives on feeding our readers valuable and legitimate information. That is why we ask for guest articles that are extensively researched to maintain the trust of our esteemed customers. Whenever you want to incorporate your insights, opinions, and personal experience, ensure the relevance and accuracy of whatever you write are upheld. Rumors and unfounded claims will not be tolerated. If you have to refer, do so from valid and reliable sources.

5. Know how to begin and how to conclude

The goal here is to be concise and crystal clear. Our readers have the right to know what your piece is all about at the beginning of the article as well as what they need to grasp at the end of the post. In other words, have a catchy introduction as well as a solid conclusion to your article.

6. Keep it simple

We encourage you to use facts and statistics to support your arguments. Nonetheless, it should be done in a manner that is simple and straight to the point. A good way to simplify your article is to either use short paragraphs or use headers to break up different sections.

7. Make it conversational

If you read through our previous content, you realize that it is characterized by an inviting casual tone. We expect you to stick to that. Writing articles in the second or first person will be more appealing and a great way to capture our readers’ interest.

Post’s Structure Guidelines


We expect you to keep the content length to a minimum of 1000 words. Our main concern is not chiefly on the quantity but the quality of your ideas, how well they are expressed, and their impact on our readers.


We are a pet-inspired website. Therefore, you are free to write anything revolving around pets. For your information, we cover all kinds of pets from dogs and cats to birds, fish, and reptiles. You are also free to pitch new ideas to us as long as they relate to this subject. Here are some of the topics we recommend:

  • Pet training
  • Pet maintenance
  • Pet product reviews
  • Product descriptions
  • Pet reviews
  • Pet traveling tips


Infographics and pictures make your content more appealing. You can use at least two images that are either copyright-free or original.


All our content is written in perfect English and we expect you to follow suit. Your tone should be positive.


Captivating titles are known to attract more readers. You will have to be creative and an out-of-the-box thinker to come up with titles that will grab their attention.

Before you even begin writing a potential guest post, shoot us an email detailing your pitch. The pitch should not just have a title but must also include a draft or a brief outline capturing what your article is about. Our editorial team will approve if your proposal resonates with our audience.

Thereafter, you will swing into action and write the article while strictly sticking to the guidelines outlined above, then submit it to our editorial team for review. They will respond within three days to let you know if your content is up to our standards. To top it off, we will own the copyright to your guest post which will enable us to make any necessary alterations without your consent. We are eager to publish and enjoy your guest post. Good luck!

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